Brand:  Pegasus Airlines

Agency: Rafineri

Media: Digital & Mobile Campaign

Creative Director: Can Erdoğan  

Creative Grouphead: Ahmet Uğurel

Creative Team: Berkin Dalgiç, Gizem Arli, Ceren Demir, Selin Sürgit 

Our client Pegasus,Turkey’s leading low-cost airline, has started a digital transformation. To kick-off this big transformation we rallied our communication efforts under “Pegasus, Turkey’s Digital Air Line” tagline. Knowing that our audience spend most of their days looking at screens, we created a launch campaign focused on those screens. In the launch video we looked at the travellers from those screens and showed the new features of Pegasus.

But this video was just the beginning of "The Next Generation Digital Campaign”. We made every aspect of the video in to a digital reality. These include; all the characters’ scoaif media accounts and their interactions, web sites and blog articles that travellers browse, Google search results for the names locations and QR codes.

The audience who watch the video can track the each clue hidden in the movie to a landing page dedicated to that location and get a chance to win free tickets to wherever they want.

Our gigantic digital campaign was aimed to offer a unique digital experience for the audience and show the digital capabilities of "Turkey’s Digital Air Line”. 37.000+ participants says we are on the right track